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Epiphytic, epilithic, or rarely terrestrial ferns. Rhizomes creeping, dictyostelic, bearing scales. Fronds monomorphic or dimorphic, simple to pinnatifid or 1-pinnate; stipes cleanly abscising near their bases or not; veins anastomosing or reticulate or free; indument various, of scales, hairs, or glands. Sori abaxial or rarely marginal, orbicular to oblong or elliptic, occasionally elongate, or sporangia acrostichoid, sometimes deeply embedded, sori exindusiate, sometimes covered by caducous scales (soral paraphyses) when young; sporangia 1-3-rowed, usually long stalks, frequently with paraphyses on sporangia; spores hyaline to yellowish, reniform, monolete or greenish, globose-tetrahedral, trilete.

Key to the Genus

Serial Key Reference
1a. Leaves bearing stellate hairs 2
1b. Leaves naked, scaly or bearing non-stellate hairs 3
2a. Leaves dimorphic, differentiated into basal (nest) leaves and forked foliage leaves Platycerium
2b. Leaves monomorphic, or if dimorphic no nest leaves and forked foliage leaves Pyrrosia
3a. Humus-collecting basal leaves or lamina bases present; necteries present along the costa 4
3b. No humus-collecting basal leaves or lamina bases present; no necteries present along the costa 5
4a. Fronds dimorphic, apical lobe of lamina usually aborted Drynaria
4b. Fronds monomorphic, apical lobe of lamina not aborted Aglaomorpha
5a. Sporangia assembled in sori or in elongate soral lines 6
5b. Sporangia not assembled in sori but with acrostichoid arrangement 7
6a. Stem scales bearing a tuft of root-like hairs on their dorsal surface Necheiropteris
6b. No such hairs present on the stem scales Microsorum
7a. Secondary veins immersed Leptochilus
7b. Secondary veins prominent Colysis