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Terrestrial or epiphytic, small to large ferns, with creeping or erect rhizome. Rhizome covered with multicellular hairs. Stipe erect, and not differentiated with rachis. Fronds long, linear, grass-like. Lamina rarely simple, more or less dichotomously or pinnately compound, firm, hairy or glabrescent, rarely scaly. Veins forked or pinnately branched. Sporangia usually assembled on strongly modified frond segments or entire frond. Sporangia confined to a much narrowed fertile lobes of the frond and the lobes are lateral in position, Sporangia being protected by the reflexed edges of the lobes. Sorus borne in 2-4 rows on extended fertile sorophores. Spore monolete.

Key to the Genus

Serial Key Reference
1a. Rachis twining; primary divisions of lamina consisting of axes with dormant apex and a lateral secondary pinnae; sporangia solitary Lygodium
1b. Rachis not twining; lamina simple or, if divided, not with dormant apices on the primary division; sporangia not solitary Schizaea