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Shrubs, woody, climbing or scrambling. Leaves simple, alternate or crowded, sometimes pellucid-punctate, entire or crenate-serrate. Flowers axillary, solitary, paired or sometimes fascicled and glomerulate on main branches or on ultimate shoots or on old woods, unisexual, actinomorphic; plants monoecious or dioecious; torus often highly modified, globose or broadly columnar. Perianth segments 9 - 16, spirally arranged, free, 2-many seriate. Male flowers: Stamens 5 - 60 (-many), covering the receptacle, filaments connate at base. Female flowers: Carpels 20 - 30, rarely many, free, spirally arranged on torus, 1-locular; style short, with ventrally arranged stigma; ovules 2 – 5. Fruitlets aggregate, composed of sessile juicy drupaceous or berry-like indehiscent subglobose carpels. Seeds 1-5.