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Perennial aquatic rhizomatous herbs. Leaves arising from rhizome, simple, long-petioled, leaf blade cordate or hastate to peltate, usually floating. Flowers solitary, large and showy, bisexual, regular, hypogynous to epigynous. Sepals 4-6, free. Petals 8 to many, usually passing into the stamens. Stamens many, spirally arranged, mostly laminar and 3-nerved, filaments flat and free. Carpels many (3-35), stigmas usually radiating. Fruits spongy, berry-like.

Key to the Genus

Serial Key Reference
1a. Plants densely prickly; sepals, petals and stamens epigynous Euryale
1b. Plants witout prickle; sepals, petals and stamens hypogynous to perigynous Nymphaea