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Evergreen, dioecious or monoecious trees; with relatively large pith in trunk and resin in cortex. Leaves spirally arranged or decussate, sessile, decurrent. Cones unisexual. Male cones axillary or terminal, solitary or clustered; microsporophylls numerous, spirally arranged, sessile; microsporangia 4-20, arranged in 2 rows, filiform; pollen sacs split longitudinally; pollen nonsaccate. Female cones solitary, terminal on branchlets, maturing in 2nd or 3rd year; bracts numerous, spirally arranged; ovulate scales degenerate or ligulate; ovules connate with ovulate scales or with bracts; bracts of mature cones deciduous, flattened, woody or thickly leathery, apex triangular or caudate. Seeds flattened, winged or not.