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Evergreen or deciduous, monoecious trees. Trunk straight; main branches whorled. Leaves spirally arranged, scattered or decussate, monomorphic, dimorphic, or trimorphic on same tree; blades lanceolate, subulate, scalelike or linear. Microsporophylls and cone scales spirally arranged or decussate. Male cones borne in panicles or solitary or clustered at branch ends, or axillary, small; microsporangia with 3 or 4 (-9) pollen sacs; pollen nonsaccate. Female cones terminal, ripening in 1st year, persistent or late deciduous; cone scales developing after ovules originate in bract axils; bracts and cone scales usually spirally aranged or decussate, sessile, opening when ripe (falling in Taxodium), semiconnate and free only at apex, or completely united; ovules 2-9 per bract axil, erect or pendulous; cone scales flattened or shield-shaped, woody or leathery, 2-9-seeded on abaxial side. Seeds flat or triangular, wingless or narrowly winged all round or on 2 sides, or with a long wing on proximal part.