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Perennial, evergreen, dioecious palm-like or fern-like plant. Stems subterranean with exposed apex or aboveground, fleshy, stout, cylindric, simple or irregularly branched. Roots coral-like. Leaves pinnately compound, spirally clustered at stem apex, leathery, petiole and rachis unarmed; leaflets entire or dentate, venation dichotomous. Cones axillary, appearing terminal, short-peduncled, disintegrating at maturity; sporophylls densely crowded, spirally arranged, often covered with indument. Male cones smaller and numerous than female cones; sporophylls bearing many crowded, small microsporangia adaxially; pollen spheric. Female cones persistent, 1(-2) per plant, globose to ovoid, tapering sharply or blunt at apex; sporophylls peltate, thickened, bearing 2(-3) ovules. Seeds angular, inner coat hardened, outer coat fleshy, often brightly colored; cotyledons 2.