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Aquatic, annual or perennial herbs, free-floating or rooted in the substrate. Young leaves linear and submerged, mature leaves ovate to cordate. Inflorescence an involucrate cymose umbel or a solitary flower. Flowers bisexual, regular, hypogynous, trimerous. Perianth 6, sepals 3, green, persistent,  petals 3, alternating with sepals, white or yellow, deciduous. Stamens 6-9 or numerous, staminodes occasionally persistent. Carpels 3 to numerous, free, in a single or rarely 2 whorls,  lateral surface of carpels nectariferous towards base, ovules numerous, scattered inside the carpel wall, anatropous to more or less campylotropous. Fruit of distinct follicles, opening by adaxial suture. Seeds numerous, embryo horse-shoe shaped.

Key to the Genus

Serial Key Reference
1a. Plants free floating; flowers yellow; staminodes present Limnocharis
1b. Plants attached to the soil; flowers white; staminodes absent Butomopsis