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Perennial, or rarely annual, marshy grass-like herbs, tufted, with  short rootstock, roots fibrous. Leaves radical, linear, sheathing. Inflorescence terminal, globose to cylindric head or dense spike, on scape-like peduncles, bracts spirally imbricate, persistent, lower empty, upper enclosing solitary flower. Flowers bisexual, sligtly zygomorphic, white or yellow, 3-merous. Sepals 3, lateral 2 small, keeled, median cap-shaped, enveloping the corolla. Petals 3, actinomorphic, base clawed, or connate, forming tube. Stamens 3, opposite  petals,  staminodes present or absent, filaments short, adnate to petals, anthers 2-loculed, dehiscing longitudinally.  Ovary superior, ovules many, style filiform, 3-fid, stigma capitate. Fruit oblong capsule, 3-valved, loculicidal. Seeds longitudinally ribbed, embryo small.