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Annual or perennial herbs or small shrubs, often succulent. Leaves simple, alternate or opposite, entire or subentire, fleshy or scale-like. Stipules if present membranous. Flowers solitary or in cymes, usually bisexual, hypogynous, sometimes epigynous. Calyx 4-8 lobed tubular. Petals commonly numerous, mostly linear, sometimes connate at the base. Stamens 4-5 or 8-10 or numerous, distinct or basally connate into groups. Carpels 2-5 or more, united to form a compound ovary, ovary superior, subinferior or inferior. Placentation axil, parietal or basal with many ovules in each locule. Fruit a capsule, rarely berry or nut.

Key to the Genus

Serial Key Reference
1a. Plant succulent; ovary 3-5 celled, styles 3-5 Sesuvium
1b. Plant not succulent; ovary 1-2 celled, styles 1-2 Trianthema