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Usually trees, rarely shrubs, sometimes lianas or herbs, lactiferous or resiniferous. Leaves simple, opposite, decussate, rarely whorled, entire, with fine parallel lateral veins, distinct on drying. Inflorescence axillary to terminal, few-flowered cymes, very rarely racemose or panicled, often solitary flower or fascicled. Flowers white, yellow or red, dioecious, hermaphrodite or polygamous. Sepals 4-6. Petals 4-8, sometimes more, rarely absent. Male flowers: stamens numerous. Ovary 1 to many celled, ovules 1-4, erect or axile, style 1, stigma as many as the cells of the ovary, peltate. Fruits usually baccate or drupaceous, rarely a capsule with septicidally dehiscent valves. Seeds large, with or without aril.

Key to the Genus

Serial Key Reference
1a. Fruit dehiscent, capsular 2
1b. Fruit indehiscent, berry-like 3
2a. Capsule opening loculicidally, seeds winged Cratoxylum
2b. Capsule opening septicidally or at the junction of carpels, seeds not winged Hypericum
3a. Flowers uinisexual ; stigma sessile or sub-sessile Garcinia
3b. Flowers bisexual ; stigma in elongated style 4
4a. Sepals 2 ; ovary 2-4 locular ; fruit a drupe, pulpy Mammea
4b. Sepals 4 -5 ; ovary1-2 locular ; fruit a capsule or drupe, not pulpy 5
5a. Ovary 2-celled ; 4-ovuled ; secondary veins very close but indistinct Mesua
5b. Ovary 1-celled ; 1-ovuled ; secondary nerves numerous, close, conspicuous Calophyllum