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Perennial, caulescent, sometimes acaulescent herbs, not aromatic, rhizomes tuberous. Leaves simple, spirally arranged, petiole short, closed, blade with a prominent midrib and numerous lateral veins, entire and rolled in bud. Inflorescence a dense head or spike, terminal, bracteate. Flowers bisexual, zygomorphic. Sepals 3, tubular below, lobes short. Petals 3, unequal, connate below, lobes convolute. Stamens 6, in 2 cycles of 3, median of inner cycle functional, other 2 sterile forming a petaloid labellum in conjunction with the 3 of outer cycle. Carpels 3, ovary 3-locular with axile placentation, or 2-locular with parietal placentation.  Fruit a capsule, crowned by persistent calyx. Seeds arillate, embryo straight.