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Annual or perennial, floating or rooting in substrate, rootstock thick, roots fibrous, stems short or creeping. Leaves mostly rosulate, petioles distinct, sometimes inflated, leaf-blade lanceolate to broadly ovate. Inflorescence of raceme or panicle, usually subtended by a spathe-like leaf-sheath. Flowers bisexual, mostly regular or rarely irregular,  variously coloured. Perianth usually 6, petaloid. Stamens 3 or 6, rarely 1, unequally adnate to perianth-tube or base of perianth-lobes, filaments free, anthers 2-celled, introrse, dehiscing by vertical slits, or rarely by pores. Ovary superior, 3-locular and placentation axile, or unilocular with parietal placentation, style 1, stigma capitate or minutely 3-lobed. Fruit a 3-valved capsule.  Seeds longitudinally ribbed.

Key to the Genus

Serial Key Reference
1a. Flowers sessile; perianth zygomorphic, posterior tepal with a discolourous blotch Eichhornia
1b. Flowers distinctly pedicelled; perianth actinomorphic, posterior tepal not with a discolourous blotch Monochoria