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Trees, shrubs or woody climbers. Leaves alternate, simple, entire or toothed, exstipulate. Flowers axillary, small, regular, bisexual or unisexual, 4-5 merous, pedicels when present articulated above. Calyx small, 4-6-lobed, connate into a tube with imbricate lobes, persistent. Petals 4-6, free or connate below or forming a tube. Stamens as many as petals, anti-sepalous, filaments free or borne on the corolla alternate with lobes, anthers tetrasporangiate and dithecal, opening by longitudinal slits. Disk absent or rarely present. Ovary 1(2)-celled, ovules 2, styles short or lacking, stigmas crenate or lobed. Fruit 1-celled drupe, often laterally compressed, rarely winged.

Key to the Genus

Serial Key Reference
1a. Trees or shrubs Gomphandra
1b. Woody climbers 2
2a. Fruits bristly or echinate Phytocrene
2b. Fruits not bristly or echinate 2
3a. Fertile stamens opposite to petals; flowers cymose; leaves opposite Iodes
3b. Fertile stamens alternate with the petals; flowers racemose; leaves alternate Natsiatum