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Small trees, shrubs or herbs, sometimes woody parasites on branches of trees. Leaves alternate or opposite, entire, sometimes scale-like, exstipulate, nerves inconspicuous. Inflorescence terminal or axillary, subtended by a single bract which covers juvenile inflorescence; bracts caducous or persistent. Flowers small, inconspicuous, radially symmetrical. Tepals 3-6 in a single whorl, separated or united into a shallow hypanthium. Stamens equal in number and opposite to each tepal, adnate to the tepal base. Styles simple, stigmas 3-6 lobed. Fruit a drupe or nut. Seed 1, globose or ovoid.

Key to the Genus

Serial Key Reference
1a. Woody vines to glabrous shrubs; leaves alternate, palmately 3-9 veined Dendrotrophe
1b. Glabrous trees or shrubs; leaves opposite, rarely alternate Santalum