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Dioecious or monoecious, hemiparasitic shrubs or herbs, never with external runners; nodes articulated, often enlarged, glabrous. Leaves opposite, reduced to scales; exstipulate; petiole indistinct; leaf blade, if present, simple, palmately 3-5-nerved, margin entire. Inflorescences terminal or axillary, spikes or cymes, rarely solitary flower; bracts inconspicuous. Flowers unisexual, 3-4-merous, actinomorphic, 1-4 mm diameter. Perianth lobes free, valvate. Disk absent. Stamens opposite to perianth lobes, adnate or free; anthers 1-many loculed, sometimes connate to synandria, dehiscence longitudinal or by pores. Pollen spheric. Ovary absent in male flowers, inferior in female flowers, 1-loculed, without true ovules, integument absent. Style simple or absent; stigma small. Fruit a berry, with a viscin layer inside vascular bundles. Seed 1; testa absent; endosperm starchy.