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Annual or perennial insectivorous herbs, terrestrial, rarely aquatic. Leaves basal and rosulate or alternate, often circinate in bud, stipulate or exstipulate, blade sticky, glandular hairs trigger closing of blade to trap small insects. Flowers axillary, lateral or terminal, in a cincinnus, rarely in raceme or solitary, bisexual, actinomorphic, 4-5 merous. Sepals 4-5 (rarely 6-8), persistent, connate base, imbricate. Petals as many as sepals or more, distinct, convolute. Stamens 4-5, hypogynous, free, anthers 2-loculed, dehiscing longitudinally. Ovary superior, globose or ovoid, 2-5 carpellate, 1-3 loculed, ovules numerous, styles 2-5 (or 6), simple or branched, stigma simple or multi-fid, terminal. Fruit loculicidal capsule or rarely indehiscent. Seeds 3 to many, spindle-shaped.