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Trees or shrubs, sometimes scrambling often thorny. Leaves simple, alternate, sometimes opposite, lamina pinnately veined or with veins from the base; stipules sometimes modified into spines. Inflorescence in terminal or axillary cymes or mixed panicles or in axillary fascicles. Flowers bisexual or rarely unisexual, shortly perigynous to essentially epigynous. Calyx of 4 or 5 sepals, lobes triangular, valvate in bud. Corolla with 4-5 petals, petals concave or hooded, often clawed. Stamens 4-5, distinct, alternate with the sepals, filaments adnate to the base of the petals. Carpels 2-3(-5), syncarpous, ovary multilocular, ovule usually solitary in each locule. Fruits usually drupaceous.

Key to the Genus

Serial Key Reference
1a. Armed trees or shrubs; plants without tendrils; fruit a fleshy 1-stoned drupe Ziziphus
1b. Unarmed climbing shrubs; plants with tendrils; fruit a capsule Gouania