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Soft-wooded, small, dioecious or monoecious trees or shrubs with trunks rarely branched, sap milky. Leaves in a terminal crown, palmately lobed, long petioled, exstipulate. Flowers unisexual, rarely bisexual. Sepals 5, small in both sexes. Staminate flowers sessile on male plant in clusters on long pendent inflorescences. Petals 5, united into a slender tube. Stamens 10 in 2 series, inserted on corolla. Pistil rudimentary, rarely functional. Pistillate flowers sessile on female plants, solitary or in few-flowered corymbs in leaf axils. Corolla gamopetalous. Ovary large, globose, pentacarpellary, syncarpous with numerous ovules on parietal placentation, style short, stigmas 5, sessile. Fruit pulpy berry. Seeds fleshy.