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Small trees or shrubs. Leaves alternate, opposite, pinnately compound or often trifoliate, leaflets toothed. Flowers in terminal or axillary panicles, drooping or sometimes racemes, hypogynous, pentamerous. Calyx imbricate, sepals distinctly connate. Corolla with 5 petals, distinct, imbricate, disc complete, lobed. Stamens 5, inserted outside the disc and opposite the calyx lobes. Gynoecium of 2-3 or sometime 4 carpels, united to form a compound, multilocular ovary, styles 3, short or connate into distally or united into a common style, ovules 1-2, sometimes 6-12 in two rows in each locule on axile or basal placentas. Fruit a berry or capsule, or drupaceous, or baccate. Seeds 1-2 in each locule.