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Mostly succulent herbs or undershrubs with thick rhizome or tuber. Leaves alternate, more or less unequal sided, entire, toothed or lobed, stipulate, stipules 2, free, frequently deciduous. Inflorescence dichotomously pedunculate cymes. Flowers showy, white, rose or yellow, sometimes small or monoecious, bracts and bracteoles present. Male flowers: perianth segments petaloid, usually 2, outer pairs valvate, stamens numerous, free or connate in a bundle, anthers linear, oblong or clavate. Female flowers: perianth segments 2-5, ovary inferior, 2-4 celled, styles 2-4, free or connate base, ovules numerous, placentation axile. Fruits capsular, winged, variously dehiscing. Seeds minute, numerous, pitted.

Key to the Genus

Serial Key Reference
1a. Leaves many lobed B. palmata
1b. Leaves more or less simple 2
2a. Long brown hairy stem, leaves hispid B. annulata
2b. Leaves glabrous or shiny 3
3a. Leaves finely denticulate 4
3b. Leaves not denticulate 5
4a. White dotted beneath the leaves, fruits winged, stamens less then 20 B. alicida
4b. Not white dotted on leaves absent, fruit not winged , stamens more than 40 B. sylhetensis
5a. Leaves waxy and shiny, white dotted beneath, stamens 20-40 B. cuculata
5b. Leaves nearly glabrons, white dots absent, stamens >50 6
6a. Flower rose in colour, capsule brownish, not pendunt B. rex
6b. Flower whitish blue, capsule pink, pendent B. roxburghii