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Herbs, shrubs or trees, erect, scandent. Leaves alternate, subopposite or digitately 1-several foliolate, entire, penninerved, stipules 1-2, often modified to glands or spinules. Inflorescence axillary or terminal, racemose, corymbose or paniculate. Flowers bisexual (rarely unisexual and plants dioecious), regular, hypogynous or slightly perigynous, receptacle prolonged into a gynophore or androgynophore. Sepals 4-6 or reduced to 3, biseriate, free or connate below, equal or unequal. Petals 4 (rarely 2, 8 or absent), distinct. Stamens 4 to many, on a short or elongated androphore, filaments free or adherent to gynophores. Ovary superior, sessile or a gynophore, unilocular, ovules few to many, style if present short, simple or split into 3 arms, stigma simple. Fruit berry or capsule, stipitate, 1 to many-seeded. Seeds orbicular to reniform.

Key to the Genus

Serial Key Reference
1a. Herbs with slender capsular fruits Cleome
1b. Shrubs woody climber or trees, round or ovoid berry-like fruits 2
2a. Leaves palmately compound Crateva
2b. Leaves simple 3
3a. Sepals 4, petals 4, arogynophore absent, ovary 1-locular, armed Capparis
3b. Sepals 6, petals 0, arogynophore present, ovary 3-locular, unarmed Stixis