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Trees or shrubs, mostly with bitter substances. Leaves usually pinnate, rarely simple. Flowers 3-5 merous, in axillary or terminal, pubescent racemes, cymose panicles, corymbs, pendulous umbels or solitary. Calyx 3-5 lobed, partly connate or free. Petals 3-5, free. Stamens equal to or double the number of the petals. Disk annular or elongated, entire or lobed, inserted between stamens and carpels. Carpels 4-5 or fewer, at times few abortive, free or connate, sessile. Ovary of 1-5 carpels, styles 1-7, distinct or connate, stigmas distinct or connate, ovule solitary in each cell, rarely 2. Fruit a drupe or samara or schizocarp. Seed solitary.