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Giant terrestrial  fern. Rhizome  large, short, globose, erect. Stipe base with two large leathery, persistent, stipule-like out growth called pulvinas. Fronds large, small, pinnate to bi-pinnate. Lamina Large lanceolate, linear-lanceolate, green and- glossy-green in colour. When young with large circinate vernations. Pinnules stalked or sessile. Margin entire, serrate, cuneate, repando-crenate. Veins free, usually twice forked, recurrent veins often present between the true veins, running from the marginal teeth. The lower surface of the pinnule and stipe base, with different shaped scales. Sori of two close rows of sporangia, attached along the veins. Spore trilete, indusium present or absent.