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Twining, rootless, thread-like herbaceous parasite, stem slender, yellowish-green or reddish-purple or with violet spots, attached to host haustoria. Leaves reduced to small, functinless scales. Flowers ± cymosely clustered, stalked or sessile, gamopetalous. Calyx lobes 4-5, imbricate, fleshy. Corolla lobes 4-5, subglobose, imbricate. Stamens 4-5, epipetalous and inserted in the throat of corolla, alternating with corolla lobes, scale-like, fimbriate or fringed usually present at the base of corolla, alternating with stamens. Carpels 2, syncarpous, ovary 2-locular, sometimes incomplete, with 2 axile ovules in each locule, styles 1-2, free or united or obsolete, stigmas capitate. Fruit a dry or fleshy capsule, dehiscing irregular or transverse.