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Terrestrial ferns. Rhizome short, stout, erect or sub-erect, ascending, rarely creeping. Stipe relatively stout with 2 vascular bundles uniting up to U or V shaped bundle. Fronds pinnate, bipinnate to tripinnatified, small to large, costa strongly grooved. Veins nearly or always free. Texture of the lamina glabrous, herbaceous, membranaceous. Margin entire, irregularly toothed, or incised. Sorus elongate, dorsal hippocrepiform or even double (back to back) or round, always indusiate, indusium curved, membranaceous, fugacious in an early stage. Sporangia having a long stalk of three rows of cells at least in the upper part. Spores monolete, bilateral, perisporate or non-perisporite.