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Trees, shrubs or very often woody vines. Leaves opposite or sometimes whorled, compound, rarely simple. Inflorescence usually cymose. Flowers usually large and showy, bisexual. Stamens usually 4, didynamous, the fifth one small and staminodal or absent, rarely stamens 5. Carpels 2, syncarpous, ovary superior, usually 2-lobed. Fruit a bivalved, septicidal or loculicidal capsule, sometimes fleshy and indehiscent. Seeds in most cases winged.

Key to the Genus

Serial Key Reference
1a. Leaves simple, alternate and in fascicles on short shoots; flowers from old woods; fruit round berry with woody shell Crescentia
1b. Leaves compound; flowers not from old woods; fruit not berry with woody shell 2
2a. Leaves imparipinnate 3
2b. Leaves paripinnate 4
3a. Capsule double winged along margin Pajanelia
3b. Capsule not winged Fernandoa
4a. Stamens 5, perfect; leaves 2-3 pinnate Oroxylum
4b. Stamens 4, perfect; leaves 1-pinnate 5
5a. Calyx tubular-campanulate; equally 5-toothed; capsule compressed Tecoma
5b. Calyx ovoid or oblong; never equally 5-toothed; capsule round Sterospermum