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Insectivorous, annual or perennial, aquatic herbs, rooted in substrate, or rootless, often free-floating. Leaves simple, entire, alternate or arranged in rosettes, covered with glandular hairs or bearing bladders. Digestive processes occur in in the bladders (Utricularia). Trap, a hollow bag, borne at end of stalk, with small entrance near or opposite the stalk. Entrance carries projecting bristles. Inflorescence raceme or spike of irregular flowers. Calyx 2-5 lobed, 2-lipped corolla, lower lip spurred. Stamens 2, borne on petals. Ovary superior, 2 united carpels and a single locule, with 1 to numerous ovules. Stigma 2 lobes. Fruit a capsule, indehiscent or opens by valves.

Key to the Genus

Serial Key Reference
1a. Aquatic, submerged floating herbs, foliar organs dissected into narrow segments, seeds prismatic, winged 2
1b. Terrestrial or epiphytic herb; foliar organs entire; seeds not as above 4
2a. Primary foliar segments one or two U. gibba ssp. exoleta
2b. Primary foliar segments three or more 3
3a. Raceme with a whorl of ellipsoid floats at a short distance above base, spur not constricted U. stellaris
3b. Raceme without floats or with fusiform floats at base, spur constricted at middle U. aurea
4a. Bracts medifixed U. caerulea
4b. Bracts basifixed 5
5a. Capsule wall thickened along dehised margin U. hirta
5b. Capsule wall uniformly membranous 6
6a. Fruiting pedicel recurved, flower yellow; calyx-lobes rounded at apex U. bifida
6b. Fruiting pedicel not recurved, flower pink with a white tinge; calyx-lobes obtuse at apex U. minutissima