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Eusporangiate terrestrial  ferns. Rhizome creeping, unbranched. Stipe , fleshy, grooved on the upper surface, with one swollen area (pulvinous) at the base, dicty stelic, cortex without sclerenchyma. Fronds long, palmate. Lamina simple, 3-5 foliate catadromous, with palvini at the junctions of the different orders of the pinnae and pinnules. Venation reticulate, which are copiously anastomosing. Sporangia large in size fused into circular synangia scattered over the surface of the frond. Spores many, size 20-40mm. Sori exindusiate, and dehiscence by longitudinal slits. The advanced character of the family is the frond, having a reduced number leaflets and reticulate venation.