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Rhizome erect ascending or creeping, bearing tuft of fronds, apex covered with scales or trichomes, mostly solenostelic, rarely dictyostelic. Stipe black grooved on the adaxial side Fronds dimorphic, palmately or pinnately divided, sub-dimorphic or homomorphic. Lamina glabrous, or hairy or paleaceous, or undersurface ceroceous, chartaceous, dark green, lobed, never compound or elongate.Texture rather thickly coriaceous. Margin entire, plane or revolute. Veins free or anastomosing, included veinlets in the areolae absent. Sporangia with or without paraphyses. Sorus indusiate oblong, linear, along the veins, oblong, lonear along the veins having a short gap from the margin. Spores trilete, rotando-tetrahedral, reticulate-spinulose.