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Terrestrial or epiphytic fern-allies. Rhizome none or, if present creeping, prostrate, procumbent,  monopodially branched, covered with hair. Stipe aerial, scandent repeatedly forking up to 3-4 times, rooting at intervals.  Fronds small simple, triangular, ovate- lanceolate in shape. Vegetative fronds iso-, di-, or trimorphic or sometimes adnate ultimate branches flat with tetrastichous fronds or round with spiral fronds. Sporophyll in distinct strobili up to 2-3 cm long, sessile or peduncle.  Sporangia axillary along the stipe or aggregated in terminal spikes in the axils. Spores two kinds, megaspore and microspore, uniform, globose,  granulate without  elaters nearly round, regulate, reticulate, subglobose or subtringular.