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Perennial, marshy or emergent aquatic  herbs, with creeping rhizomes, laticifers and raphides absent. Leaves ensiform, unifacial, distichous with overlapping bases, blade and petiole not distinguishable, nerves parallel. Inflorescence spadix,  terminal, solitary, sessile, conoid, borne laterally on leaflike spathe, spathe much longer than spadix, erect, persistent. Flowers bisexual, 3-merous, bracts absent, tepals 6, 2-whorled, free, arched, stamens 6, 2- whorled, free, filaments linear- oblong, flattened, anthers introrse, longitudinally dehiscent, pistil obconic-cylindric, ovary 2-3 loculed, ovules several per locule, orthotropous, stigma minute, subsessile. Fruit a berry, oblong-ovoid, enveloped by persistent tepals. Seeds 1-5 (-9), oblong to ellipsoid, embryo axile, cylindric or conoid.