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Simple or sparingly branched stout shrubs, or branching trees up to several m  high or short- stemmed, rhizomatous, more or less herbaceous plants. Leaves sessile, crowded in dense rosettes at the ends of the stem and branches or at the ground-level on a short main stem, simple, alternate, sessile, more or less strongly fleshy-succulent, often prickly along the margin, obscurely parallel veined. Inflorescence a terminal spike, raceme or panicle on a scape- like axillary shoot. Flowers perfect, trimerous. Tepals 6 in 2 cycles of 3, petaloid and often fleshy. Stamens 6, hypogynous, opening by longitudinal slits. Carpels 3, united. Ovary superior, trilocular, placentation axile, style terminal with punctate stigma, ovules numerous per locule. Fruit a capsule, loculicidal, rarely fleshy and berry-like. Seeds winged and compressed with straight embryo.