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Woody shrubs, vines, or trees, stems very short or almost nothing, or an unbranched trunk.   Leaves clustered terminally, or scattered alternately, pinnate, palmate, or costapalmate; leafsheaths open, or forming crownshafts; petioles absent or short to elongate. Inflorescence often paniculate (spadix), subtended by usually large bracts. Flowers small, sessile or very short pedicelled, bisexual, monoecious or dioecious. Perianth  6, outer 3 (sepals) separate or connate, inner 3 (petals) valvate or imbricate. Stamens usually 6, anthers dehiscing vertically. Carpels 3. Ovary superior  1-3-celled, ovule solitary per locule. Fruit mostly a berry or drupe, often with reflexed scales, variously coloured. Seeds free or adherent to the endocarp.