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Annual or perennial, often saprophytic herbs, usually small with stems generally un-branched, rhizomatous or tuberous. Leaves numerous, scale-like, or the lowermost linear to lanceolate, mostly basal, or the upper ones minute, alternate. Inflorescence racemose or cymose in a bifid cincinnus, or the flowers solitary and terminal. Flowers bisexual, bracteate, actinomorphic or irregular, mostly white. Perianth segments 6, 2-seriate, connate basally into a single tube, outer 3 usually larger than the inner 3. Stamens sometimes 3 or 6, inserted on  perianth-tube. Ovary inferior, trilocular with axile placentation, or unilocular with parietal placentation, ovules numerous. Fruit capsule, often 3-winged, dehiscing circumscissilely or longitudinally. Seeds numerous.