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Perennial, erect, large herbs, rootstock a tuberous rhizome. Leaves cauline, large, spirally arranged, pinnately veined, midrib prominent, blade rolled in bud, petiole sheathing stem. Inflorescence raceme, or panicle. Flowers large and showy, bisexual, obliquely oriented, conspicuously bracteate. Perianth biseriate,  outer series of 3 herbaceous sepals, persistant, inner series of 3 connate petals, one smaller than other 2. Staminodes and stamens in two whorls : outer whorl with (2 or) 3 petaloid staminodes,  usually red or yellow, inner whorl  with a reflexed staminode termed labellium, and a fertile stamen, filament petaloid, anther solitary. Ovary 3-locular. Fruit capsule, warty. Seeds small, numerous.