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Perennial or seldom annual herbs, caespitose, emergent from shallow-water, or seldom fully submerged. Leaves mostly linear, grasslike, basally crowded. Inflorescence small head, subtended by involucre of bracts. Peduncle  usually exceeding leaves. Flowers small, sessile or shortly pedicellate, unisexual,  males and females often mixed, or males in middle and females around. Perianth shaffy or membranous, segments 2-3-merous, biseriate, outer free, inner often stipitate and cupular. Stamens equal or double perianth-number, rarely fewer, filaments free, anthers 1-2-locular, dehiscing vertically.  Ovary 2-3 loculed, superior, style lobed, ovules solitary, placentation axile. Fruit membranous capsule, 2-3 celled, dehiscent. Seeds solitary, pendulous, with copious endosperm and embryo.