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High-climbing with long, leafy stems. Leaves often long, sometimes ending in  tendril, leaf base sheathing, sheath embracing stem, closed. Inflorescence a terminal, branched, bracteate panicle. Flowers relatively small and inconspicuous, bisexual or dioecious, actinomorphic, bracts often lanceolate, bracteoles minute or absent. Perianth segments 6, free, 2-seriately imbricate, dry or somewhat petaloid, hypogynous, persistent. Stamens 6, hypogynous or slightly adnate to base of perianth-segments, filaments free, anthers 2-locular, introrse, basifixed, united, forming a compound superior ovary, style 3-lobed, ovules in each lobe solitary, anatropous, spreading or pendulous from  central axis. Fruit drupaceous or fleshy, indehiscent. Seeds with copious endosperm, embryo small, lenticular.