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Perennial herbs,  with rhizomes, bulbs or corms,  stems solitary or fascicled, sometimes short or absent. Leaves alternate, often 2-ranked, parallel veined, base sheathing. Inflorescence monochasial cymes, sometimes spikes or reduced to a flower. Flowers bisexual, actinomorphic to distinctly zygomorphic, showy. Perianth 6,  petaloid, two-whorled, free or united below. Stamens 3, adnate to outer perianth lobes, filaments free or connate partially, anthers 2-locular, dehiscence extrorsely or laterally by longitudinal slits. Pistil syncarpous, ovary inferior (or superior), 3-celled, placentation axile, style entire or trifid, stigmas 3 or 6, ovules few to many.  Fruit loculicidal capsule. Seeds with or without aril and wings.