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Thalloid, small to minute, aquatic, floating or submerged, mostly perennial plants, reduced to small green bodies called fronds, corresponding partly to leaf and partly to stem. Roots absent or reduced to unbranched rhizoids. Fronds 1-many, coherent together, orbicular or oblong to lanceolate, 0.4-15 mm long,  reproducing mostly by budding of daughter fronds from reproductive pouch or cavity. Flowers rare, 1 (or 2) from one of pouches,  monoecious, perianth absent. Male flowers : stamens 1-2,  filaments slender, anthers 1-2 locular. Female flowers : ovary 1, tapering into style, unilocular, stigma simple, ovules 1-7. Fruit utricle, opening by bursting. Seeds ovoid, with or without endosperm.