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Terrestrial or epilithic ferns, rarely scandent large or moderate-sized. Rhizome usually erect (trunk like) or scandent stem bearing scales that are often dark, long and narrow. Fronds spirally arranged on the rhizome. Lamina commonly large and coarse, rarely simple, commonly pinnatifid or pinnate with undivided narrow pinnae, occasionally simple or lobbed to pinnatifid, rarely pinnate + pinnatifid to bipinnate. Veins pinnately arranged. The characteristic feature of this family is the position of the continuous sori close on each side of the midrib and protected by an elongated flap-like indusium attached to the vein. Spores monolete, bilateral.

Key to the Genus

Serial Key Reference
1a. Sporangia confined to a longitudinal vein on either side of the costa Blechnum
1b. Sporangia not confined to a longitudinal vein of the costa Stenochlaena