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Terrestrial or epiphytc ferns rarely epiphytic of different sizes. Rhizome erect or ascending, sometimes creeping, scales present basally attached, more often non-clathrate, superficially glabrous, entire or dentate, teeth usually consisting of appendages of two adjacent cells, glands may be present on or beside the teeth. Stipe close, less often remote. Fronds simply pinnate to decompound, or rarely simple, glabrous, hairy to scaly. Lamina often oblong, triangular, or ovate type. Veins free, forked or variously anastomosing, usually reaching the margin. Sporangia approximately orbicular stalked, 2 or 3 seriate, indusia reniform, attached to the lamina by its middle deep sinus Spores monolete.

Key to the Genus

Serial Key Reference
1a. Lamina of mature plants simple or shallowly to deeply lobed, but not pinnate 2
1b. Lamina of mature plants at least at base with one to many free pinnae 3
2a. Veins free Diplazium
2b. Veins reticulate Tectaria
3a. Veins at least partly anastomosing Pleocnemia
3b. Veins quite free 4
4a. Costae adaxially distinctly unisulcate 5
4b. Costae adaxially obscurely concave Ctenitis
5a. Lamina preponderantly anadromous or isodromous Athyrium
5b. Lamina preponderantly and distinctly catadromous Dryopteris