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Large twining shrubs or undershrubs. Stem and inflorescence puberulaous or tomentose. Leaves ovate, ovate-elliptic to ovate-orbicular, base cuneate or obtuse, glabrous or pubescent beneath. Cymes umbel-like, single or paired at nodes. Calyx lobes eglandular within. Corolla campanulate, glabrous, yellowish or reddish-brown. Coronal scales 5, fleshy, adnate to the corolla tube between the lobes and covered by 2 rows of tufted hairs. Staminal column short, anthers with the connectives forming membranous tip. Pollinia sessile or sub-sessile, erect without a pellucid margin, solitary in each anther sac. Follicles woody, glabrous or tomentose.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Coronal scales covered by hairs in rows 2
1b. Coronal scales not covered by two rows tufted hairs on the back 3
2a. Leaf blade abaxially tomentose; corolla tube appendages exserted from corolla tube; follicles apparently mostly paired, strongly beaked, clearly asymmetrically swollen near base G. yunnanense
2b. Leaf blade abaxially pubescent to glabrous; corona lobes and stigma head included within corolla tube; follicles mostly solitary, weakly beaked, only slightly swollen and subsymmetrical at base. G. latifolium
3a. Leaves densely tomentose beneath; cymes many flowered, compact G. acuminatum
3b. Leaves glabrous, pubescent only on the midribs, nerves and margins beneath; cymes few flowered, lax G. acuminatum var. glabrum