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Species of this Genus


Twining herbs or subshrubs. Stem and branches pubescent or tomentose. Leaves cordate, sparsely or densely tomentose on both surfaces. Cymes umbel-like to almost raceme-like, solitary at nodes, pubescent or hispid throughout. Flowers with filiform pedicels. Calyx lobes lanceolate to ovate-lanceolate. Corolla yellowish or greenish-white, glabrous, tube short. Corona in 2 series, the outer consisting of 5 scales, glabrous, denticulate, annulus at base of staminal column, inner consisting of 5 long scales, attached to back of anthers, produced into a short and radically divergent spur at base. Anthers with connective formed into an inflexed membranous tip. Pollinia sub-compressed, waxy, pendulous, solitary in each anther sac. Follicles nearly ovoid, echinate, tapering to a long beak.