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Species of this Genus


Rhizomatous perennial herb with a creeping rootstock, stem erect. Leaves ensiform, equitant. Inflorescence dichotomously branched, sheaths scarious. Flowers many in each spathe, yellowish to orange, perianth 6-lobed, petaloid, tube very short, rather wide, lobes oblong, spreading, subequal. Stamens inserted at the base of the perianth segments, free, filaments filiform, anthers linear, basifixed. Carpels 3, connate in an obovoid, 3-locular ovary, style 1, slender, 3-lobed at apex. Fruit obovoid capsule, membranous, 3-nerved, valves reflexed. Seeds sub-globose, testa lax, shining, fleshy within.