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Species of this Genus


Small aquatics, free floating or submerged. Fronds either solitary, or coherent together in groups of 2-10, round or oblong, daughter fronds budding from lateral pouches, connected to mother frond by a thin, white stipe, budding pouches 2, one on either side of the axis. Inflorescence 1, consisting of 1 female and 2 male flowers, enclosed by membranous spathe, anther bilocular. Female flowers superior, lateral to the two male flowers, ovary globular, style 1, ovule1. Fruit  symmetric or asymmetric. Seeds  longitudinally ribbed.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Root sheath winged; fruits symmetrical Lemna purpusilla
1b. Root sheath not winged; fruits symmetrical Lemna minor