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Shrubs or trees with erect pneumatophores. Leaves tomentulose beneath. Inflorescence of trichotomous cymes or spiciform, often capitate or subcapitate. Flowers sessile, bisexual. Calyx cupuliform, lobes 5, concave, margin ciliate. Corolla lobes 4, rarely 5, connate at the base into a short tube. Stamens 4, alternate with the petals, subequal. Ovary 2- or 4-celled, styles distinct or obsolete, bifid, ovules 4 or 2, or 1 in each cell, pendent from the central columella. Fruit a capsule, laterally compressed with apiculate or mucronate tip.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Flowers in spiciform inflorescence; fruit obliquely or narrowly conical-oblong A. alba
1b. Flowers in compact heads; fruit ovate, apiculate 2
2a. Leaves ovate or oblong, always rounded at apex; ovary throughout villous; flowers 10-15 mm across; peduncle often lenticellate A. officinalis
2b. Leaves lancelate or broadly elliptic-oblong, apex obtuse or abruptly acute; ovary glabrous aty base, hairy above; flowers 4-5 mm across; peduncle without lenticels A. marina