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Species of this Genus


Evergreen shrubs or trees, hermaphroditic, unarmed, glabrous. Leaves 1-5-pinnately compound, margins entire to crenate or serrate; stipules sometimes intrapetiolar. Inflorescence a terminal paniculate umbels, heads or spikes, sometimes with a terminal umbel of bisexual flowers, 1 to several umbels of male flowers. Pedicel articulate below ovary. Calyx undulate or with 4 or 5(-8 or more) small lobes. Petals 4 or 5, valvate. Stamens as many as petals. Ovary 4 or 5(-8) carpellate; styles free or rarely connate at base. Fruit a drupe, terete or laterally flattened. Seeds compressed, endosperm smooth.