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Trees or shrubs, sometimes woody climbers. Leaves simple, decussate-opposite, petiolate or sessile, entire. Inflorescence racemiform or paniculate, bracteate. Flowers large, showy. Calyx 5, limb toothed or entire. Corolla tube slender below and wider upward, limb oblique. Stamens 4, distinctly didynamous, inserted in corolla tube, anthers oblong, 2-celled, diverging. Ovary solitary, styles filiform, stigmas subulate or shortly bifid, ovules pendulous. Fruit a succulent drupe, exocarp juicy, endocarp hard and bony. Seeds oblong, without endosperm.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Bracts petaloid, broadly ovate, 2.0-2.5 cm wide G. philippensis
1b. Bracts not petaloid, linear, 2-5 mm wide 2
2a. Corolla yellow; drupes obovoid, yellow at maturity G. arborea
2b. Corolla rosy with deep yellow mark in the centre; drupes oblong, bright red when mature G. oblongifolia