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Perennial erect herbs. Stem hollow, angular, weakly diffuse or stoloniferous, rooting at basal nodes. Basal and lower leaves petiolate, wholly sheathing, 1-4 pinnate, homomorphic or heteromorphic to the cauline leaves. Umbels terminal and axillary or leaf-opposed. Bracts absent or occasionally 1, bracteoles numerous. Calyx teeth prominent, lanceolate, as long as the stylopodium. Petals obovate, apex emerginate, with small incurved lobule, outer petals in umbellule usually radiant, white or pale pink. Fruits ovoid or sub-globose, glabrous, dorsal and intermediate ribs corky or somewhat protruding, lateral ribs deltoid, sub-triangular, corky. Seeds face plain, carpophores obsolete.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Bracteoles numerous; umbellules 8-15 flowered; fruit ovoid O. benghalensis
1b. Bracteoles 2-8; ulbellules more than 15flowered; fruit sub-globose O. javanica